'Vote with the Feet' is a project, which we realized in Italy February 08.
During a residency we created a walking path that connects the remote arts centre OZU to the nearby village called Poggio Moiano, in the Sabina region north east of Rome.

Map Work

Walking and culture?

Due to local politics related to property development (building a hotel or shopping centre in the midst of olive plantations and wild land) we decided to use the title 'Vote with the Feet' as the trajectory of our path geographically crossed those plans. We used the rite and right to revive old walking paths of the local community. Walking as a practice is not as established in Italy as it is in the north of Europe. People use mopeds and cars on the road, extra roads or paths for pedestrians are not common infrastructure. In this context our project was met by many with raised eyebrows.

Local press on the project


Coming from Ozu: landscape of the first section of the path

Second section

Third section

Fourth section

Fifth section of the path reaching Poggio Moiano